On September 16, 2013, my husband Shawn and I boarded a plane one-way to Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. It was the beginning of an adventure we dreamed up 7 years prior, for which we planned and saved for 3 years and never in a million years could have thought was really coming true. Although we left with a loose idea of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see, like any good travelers, we left our itinerary open-ended and flexible. Nearly 11 months later, this is what our round-the-world adventure looked like:

1. Mongolia
2. Korea
3. Philippine Islands
4. Thailand
5. Laos
6. Cambodia
7. Vietnam
8. Australia
9. Singapore
10. Malaysia
11. France
12. Spain
13. Portugal

Click on the links above or on the map to read the posts from all our adventures abroad.

We landed on U.S. soil after 10.5 months abroad. Our first stop was a quick trip to Boston, MA – a first for both of us. After a quick few days there, we did a Amazing-Race-esque run through Manhattan during lunch hour to catch a bus to upstate New York to visit Shawn’s family. After New York, it was another first visit for both of us to visit family and friends in Austin, Texas. A brief rest at home saw us reuniting with friends and family after a year away from our adopted home of Portland, Oregon.

Our travels weren’t over yet! We spent a relaxing 2.5 weeks with my uncle at my favorite place in the world, Priest Lake, Idaho. Another quick stop in our new temporary home of Seattle, Washington, and we were off again for 10 days in Canada. Despite being from the Pacific NW, it was my first time in Canada. I can safely say it wasn’t my last.

We’re now settled in Tacoma, Washington, just south of Seattle, for at least a couple of years. Shortly after returning home, I got a job. It’s a completely new career path for me, so it fits with our theme: new home, new jobs, and (hopefully soon) a new family.

Our long-term travels may be over for now, but our journey has only just begun.