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by Carmel July 10, 2014

We’ve mentioned it in passing on our Paris posts that during our visit, I was sick with bronchitis. After a week of trying to fit in recovery time between sightseeing in Paris, I was barely starting to get better. It was worth it to fight through the coughing fits, the asthma attacks, the fever, and […]

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by Shawn July 7, 2014

Fun fact #13: I love cemeteries. I grew up near a gorgeous sprawling one and it became one of the backdrops of my childhood. My brother and I spent much of our summers riding our bikes along the narrow gravel roads, checking out the more elaborate tombstones, daring each other to peer into the family […]

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by Carmel July 3, 2014

This post is dedicated to my little buddy Alejandro who was learning about the Catacombs in school at the time we visited. Sorry it took me so long to send you more pictures. Hope I can make it up to you with this post! This was Shawn’s first visit to Paris – actually, this was […]

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by Shawn June 30, 2014

Arriving to Paris, I was ready for a fight. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to visit Paris. However, that unsavory stereotype of the Parisian rang loudly in my head, like a cathedral bell. During our time in Southeast Asia, we encountered more than a few French tourists who painfully reenforced some of those stereotypes: […]

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