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Sunsets like these make it easy to relax and let go of the day

Back when I was running regularly, I could go out for hour-long runs, no iPod required. At some point I had to admit that I am a beginner runner again. This the longest break I’ve ever taken since I started running. As such, I need some distractions and guidance while I get back into it.

I mentioned in my last running post that I am using Couch to 5k. I guess I just figured everyone knew what that was. It’s an app that progresses you from a sedentary lifestyle (couch potato lifestyle, if you will) to being able to run your first 5k. I guess it takes 8 weeks. I just started my 3rd week. As a former personal trainer, I know about interval training, but given that my mind is so occupied these days and that I have the tendency to overdo it and be impatient with myself, I decided to splurge and buy the $2.99 app. It’s actually free, but I got sick of all the ads.

Spotify has been another useful tool, as well. Besides being able to make my own playlists, there are already made playlists that keep things upbeat and varied. I like NPR Music’s Workout mix. It’s a good sampling of pop, indie, and hip hop. There’s also an option to have Spotify pick your mix – first it detects the pace you run, then just randomly throws together songs that are at that same beats per minute. Granted, a lot of these songs are pretty terrible (I only skipped one that was so ridiculous that I just couldn’t deal anymore), but I’m not listening critically, I just need a beat.

The biggest thing that I am trying to remember as I get back into shape is that it’s a process. It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s really not been that hard to find 30 minutes 3 times a week as I thought it would be. So much like reminding myself to breathe while I’m running, it’s just a reminder that I need to care for myself, as well. And guess what? The benefits to my mental well being are already paying off. As for the physical…er, well, I am getting in better shape, but if I wanted to lose weight, I should probably lay off the donuts. But what fun would that be?



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